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Two MDM men released in Nampula; trial delayed

The trial of seven MDM members in Nampula relating to the incidents on 25 September was postponed from today (Monday) until Friday. The two men still being held by police were released on the grounds that they had been held illegally.

The trial was due to begin today in the Nampula city court 2nd section of seven men, two of whom were being held by the police. But when the provincial police failed to present Francisco Adriano in court, the judge and the prosecutor went to the police command. After a meeting of more than an hour, the police agreed to bring Adriano in court.

But since he had not been allowed to see a lawyer since his arrest on 26 September, the judge agreed to postpone the hearing until Friday. The two still being held were then sent to a criminal instruction judge to have their detention regularised, but he released both of them on the grounds that their detention until now was improper.

Meanwhile MDM sources accuse the Criminal Investigation Police (PIC) of a campaign of harassment aimed indirectly at Mahamuno Amurane of MDM, elected mayor of Nampula in December 2013. For the past week PIC has been summoning members of MDM for questioning, including an MDM candidate for parliament and the representative and the mobilising secretary in Nampula city. One person who has been recovering from an accident has been interviewed in hospital and without a lawyer present. Questions tend to be the same, about who ordered young men from MDM to interrupt the ceremony on 25 September with the mock coffin of Frelimo candidate Filipe Nyusi. MDM says PIC is trying to pin the blame on Amurane.

MDM is also concerned that police told the press on 25 September that they had arrested three MDM members, but have consistently refused to identify two of them. MDM says it does not know who they are, and if they are still being held.

MDM has also accused the police of having beaten and whipped some of those arrested.

Source:  Mozambique political process bulletin Number NE-52    7 October 2014

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