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Study shows fear & youth discontent in elections

An insightful study of the flawed 15 October 2014 elections raises questions about discontented youth and the way Frelimo maintains power. The study was headed by Luis de Brito of IESE (Instituto de Estudos Sociais e Economicos; Social and Economic Studies Institute) with teams in firmly Frelimo Manjacaze, Gaza, and divided Murrupula, Nampula.

Both teams saw fraud and disorganization. There were extra ballot papers in circulation in Manjacaze and there was a polling station in a Frelimo official's compound. Polling stations were moved long distances in Murrupula. The report notes that STAE (Secretariado Tecnico do Administracao Eleitoral) has been operating without substantial changes since 1994 and thus one would expect each election to be better run, but "in truth, the 2014 elections show this is not the case."

In Gaza, researchers were struck by "the fear that many citizens have to express their opinions." The power of Frelimo was enforced by intimidation and violence by groups of unemployed youth known as "shock groups", who even succeeded in intimidating the researchers. Hostility to Renamo remains very strong because its brutality during the war remains fresh in people's minds. But MDM appears to gain more support. In both places there was a strong presence of Frelimo-aligned community leaders.
In both places, the teams commented on the discontented youth, with no jobs and increasingly hostile to the government. Some did not bother to vote, while others voted for the opposition.

In MOZAMBIQUE 293 News reports & clippings 12 July 2015

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