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Journalists for foreign press to pay $2,500-$8,300; high fees set for independent media

With two elections in the next 15 months, the government has imposed high fees on foreign media and domestic independent media. Accreditation for a Mozambican freelance journalist will cost MT 30,000 ($500) per year, a foreign freelance MT 150,000 ($2.500), and a resident foreign correspondent MT 500,000 ($8,300). Registering a publication will cost MT 200,000 ($3,300) and a community radio MT 50,000 ($830). For the first time, digital platforms are included.

The decree was approved without any consultation by the Council of Ministers on 12 June, published in Boletim da Repuplica on 23 July, and takes effect 22 August. (@Verdade 3 Aug)
Decree 40/18 is posted on [bit.ly/MozMediaFees]bit.ly/MozMediaFees (in Portuguese).

The press law (18/91 art 32) requires foreign and Mozambican journalists to be registered if they are writing for foreign media, but not if they are writing for domestic media. Until now, accreditation has been free, but many journalists have never bothered to register. The new fees are to be paid to the Gabinete de Informacao, whose website was not working at the weekend.

In News reports & clippings, 6 August 2018

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